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Is your hardware equipped for PLC automation?

If you're running major cotton farming operation or other industrial or commercial operation that requires a lot of heavy machinery, you will probably need special PLC Automation devices.


These modern systems will keep your necessary operations working, and any assembly line moving along smoothly.

Straightforward service

We can install, prepare or upgrade any major PLC automated system. We take pride in our work, and are prepared to help you figure out how to use your new system. Find out what we can do for you today.

Our services include:

  • Install and upgrades for computerized controls

  • Computer systems for industrial machines

  • Cotton gin automation repairs

  • Repairs of all types of programmable controllers

Don't forget our other services:

Now that you know what we can offer you from our PLC Automation options, you should also consider our motor repair options. Wiring services for new devices are also available.

Call today for more information.

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