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The last thing you need is to get your wires crossed

When you need professional wiring services for your agricultural, commercial or industrial buildings need, trust our experienced electricians. Our electricians have the training and experience to meet and exceed your expectations.  


Get proper wiring for your buildings from the experts, as faulty wiring could result in fires, malfunctioning machinery, and other major problems.

We'll be there 24/7

There's nothing more awful than having to keep to a schedule, and having your night shift unable to work due to a sudden late-night accident. Fortunately, we're available 24/7 to help you keep your machines running.

Key Services:

  • Wiring installation

  • Electrical fixtures installed – Light fixtures and outlets, breaker boxes, etc

  • Motors and controls – Wiring for automatic Starters

  • Electrical wiring repairs

  • New construction wiring for factories, farms, businesses and Cotton Gin

Consider our other services:

We're cotton gin specialists, and we can pick one apart and put it back together quickly and efficiently. We also have expertise in motor repair, and we're a rare company that's skilled in PLC Automation. Call today for more information.

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